Trend: One person households

Trend: One person householdsThe number of single-person households in Germany has been increasing for years. According to the Federal Statistical Office in Berlin, 15.9 million people lived alone in 2011. For comparison: there were only 11.4 million single households in 1992.
In particular, there are large numbers of people living in single households in city states and large cities. Whether it’s due to high divorce rates, the simple belief and wish for independence – the reasons are numerous. Of course, this lifestyle has a number of advantages. You can decorate your flat as you like and don’t need to compromise when it comes to daily habits.

Two rooms, kitchen, bathroom

Whether it’s Berlin, Bremen or Hamburg – the proportion of single households is highest in big cities. The majority of inhabitants of studios and 1 bedroom flats prefer renting over buying, as a lot of people only live alone for a certain phase in their lives. Of course, there is a demand for high-quality apartments for single people with high standards in this segment. For studios and 1 bedroom flats in good urban locations it is easy to find tenants (Article: Buy or rent?).

Small space – big possibilities

Limited space requires skill when arranging furnishing, especially if you have lots of personal belongings. An accent colour is always a good choice to make rooms look bigger. It is not always necessary to paint the whole room. Painting one wall in bright colours makes a great focal point and gives the whole room a more open appearance. Never paint the ceiling in bright colours; it has the effect of making the ceiling look lower.

Beyond that, light coloured furniture and mirrors can help make narrow halls or rooms with small windows look roomier. One should always be careful not to give away any storage space. Niches or areas under the stairs can for example be optimised to store seasonal clothing or household utensils. It is also important to exploit the height of the room – high shelves or moveable elements can be helpful and offer additional storage. At the moment there are beautiful boxes or ingenious trunks for stowing away small items. There are a number of designs on offer. In general, unusual interior accessories add extra value to living spaces. 


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