Trend: Self storage

Trend: Self storageIt is not just in Germany that people are increasingly moving to metropolitan areas and medium-sized to large towns and cities – throughout all of Europe there is a trend towards city life. Job opportunities, good infrastructure and cultural activities are among the advantages of urban life. Due to the high demand for housing to rent or buy, prices in these areas are rising. This results in many people continuing to live in their apartments, even though there is not enough space. But where can the beloved record collection go? Or the sideboard from Grandad?

“The property market is subject to constant change,” as Sebastian Fischer is aware. He is an Engel & Völkers licence partner in Berlin. “Because the dream of a large apartment in bigger cities can sadly not always become a reality due to very high demand and the accompanying increase in prices, many people have to rethink and do things differently,” Fischer explains. Here, self storage offers a temporary solution for creating more room within the current four walls – for the time being at least – by putting unused belongings into storage. Demand for this sort of storage space is increasing and in Berlin alone, the number of storage buildings has grown from 4 in 2006 to the current 19, with a total storage capacity of over 100,000m² (Source: Bulwiengesa)

European trend:

The idea of self storage, which originates in the USA, was initially executed in the late 1960s by renting out small sheds.  Now the trend has spread to Europe, with France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Austria leading the way. The concept is also beginning to be taken on board in the Scandinavian countries. In Europe, Great Britain is among the countries with the most self storage rentals.

Waiting to move house

Whether due to moving house or receiving an unforeseen inheritance, a divorce or a period of time living abroad – population mobility and constantly changing living conditions bring with them a new way of thinking. Thus, self storage is used as a temporary solution, perhaps for when you’ve not yet found the flat of your dreams and there is a waiting period. The advantages are obvious: Storage is secure, clean and dry and the stored goods are accessible at any time. Because storage has surveillance, there is no need to worry about such things as heirlooms either.

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