A unique piece of Real Estate in Deià

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Your newly purchased home on Mallorca Island is your personal new beginning . The villa perfectly reflects your ideas of a luxurious property. Moreover, the Deià location certainly matches all of your dreams.


Here is where you’ll find yourself far away from mass tourism. After stuffing your belly and probably having indulged yourself in some luxury goods, you are probably looking for a quiet place to relax. This one particular place to unwind is in Deià, specifically located in the bay of Cala Deià.


View at the terrace of a villa in Deià with a romantic ambiance and a fantastic view of the sea

Villa at an amazing location in Deià, Mallorca


Forget about all of your everyday worries with a perfect view of the glistening water surface. For once, take a little longer to stare into the bright sea. Your patience will be rewarded soon after. At times, you will even be able to spot the one or other school of fish in the turquoise waters.


The blue sky is above you , the sea is next to you and an inexpressible joy within you – with this type of environment you may easily imagine, even if you’re not an artist, how truly inspiring this place really is. Here is where you will realize: Imaginative Creativity does not just lie within one person, but can as well be found in subtle little details that will sweeten your life.


It is especially the profusion of detail of the Deià bay that has prompted many artists to settle down at this location and to purchase their own home right here. It’s not a matter of chance that Deià is also known as “The Artist Village of Spain”.


If you wish to delight in more than just visual pleasures, and would also love to satisfy your desire for a refreshing cooldown – Take a seat in a restaurant by the Bay area and treat yourself to a chilled drink and some delicious food.  If you are uncertain of the exquisite Spanish delicacies, simply ask – Here’s where your questions are always welcome.


What more could you ask for besides a Villa on Mallorca Island and the little things that make your life in Spain so worthliving?


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