A Unique Villa in Inca

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You’ve already taken a tour around a number of properties on Mallorca. However, only a few Villas made the cut for you. Your future home might as well be a House in Inca on Mallorca Island.


Exterior of a luxury Villa in Inca with many opportunities to relax in Mallorca’s sunshine

Luxurious high class Villa, Inca, Mallorca


Your new house is now in Inca, a fabulous city with many interesting traditions and gorgeous Real Estate Properties. Inca’s wine enthusiasts might have already filled you in on the many things that Inca has to offer. There are many wine cellars here,  locally referred to as “cellers”. Some of the former underground storerooms were converted into these wine cellars and now function as a popular tourist destination.


However, if you look around locally, you may, with just a bit of luck, find wine cellars that are not super packed yet. It’s ultimately here, where everyone likes a small taste of a variety of wines: Whether you’re into Faustino or Rioja, here you will find an impressive selection.


Of course, you can also enjoy yourself in the comfort of your Villa or Finca. Yet, it’s the wine cellars that have a unique ambiance, and an atmosphere that you could easily get used to.


The optimum room temperature of the wine cellars guarantees a taste sensation that you would simply miss out on at home. Since the cellars always maintain a constant temperature of about twelve degrees, the tempered rooms are just perfect for a wine tasting.


So invite your friends on a beautiful day to go on a trip to a wine cellar! Even if your friends are not wine enthusiasts, it’s still something so unusual and unique to dine in a wine cellar.


Inca has become particularly popular for its leather production. Self-made shoes, purses, bags – all of which is high quality and is accordingly produced much around here.


The weekly farmer’s market in Inca is a perfect opportunity to get to know the Spaniards. What and how much of it do they purchase?  What are popular products, that sell out quick? Which phrases do Spaniards use during their shopping trips? All this, is something that you can easily pick up on while on a short stroll through the market.


As you can see: Inca is flourishing: Whether it’s the weekly farmer’s market, the various shopping possibilities or the Wax Figure Rooms of “Muse de sera”. There are tons of things you can experience here – even outside of your villa – just give it a try!


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