Dear Business Chamber members

Herewith an update from the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality regarding the Churchill Dam Pipeline Repair:

What happened?

Some time this morning the Churchill pipeline burst on the west side of the Maitland River and the cause is unknown at this point in time. The diameter of the pipe is 1100mm and our technical staff have been on site since this morning to assess the extent of repairs to be carried out and take immediate remedial action.

Why did this happen? 

Currently we are assessing the cause of the problem and as soon as our technical staff have established this, we will inform stakeholders accordingly. We cannot assess the total damage until the remaining water in the pipe has been drained out – this will take approximately 6 – 10 hours.

What is the delivery implication?

We are fortunate that our reservoirs are full for the immediate distribution of water for the communities’ needs, provided that all consumers throughout Nelson Mandela Bay use water sparingly. We are currently communicating with hospitals and emergency services to alert them.

When will the problem be resolved?

It will take approximately two (2) weeks to repair.

What can residents do to assist?

  • Don’t panic.
  • Consumers are cautioned not to fill containers in advance as this will deplete current resources.
  • Use water sparingly.
  • Residents and industries are requested to hold any water-intensive activity of a non-critical nature in abeyance for the next two (2) weeks.
  • Contractors are also requested to use non-potable water for their construction purposes during the next two (2) weeks.
  • Should any emergency arise please call our call centre on 0800 20 50 50.

What can the media do to assist?

  • Encourage all consumers to use water sparingly.
  • The site is dangerous at the moment and media should not try to access the site without proper technical supervision.  

For more information contact Roland Williams on communications@mandelametro.gov.za.

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