Usability is generally defined as the operability or user-friendliness of a system.  The goal is to boost customer satisfaction, and thus sales, by means of a user-friendly system.

A website must be user-friendly in two aspects: On the one hand for the licence partners whose goal is to regularly update their websites with little hassle, and on the other hand for the end users who wish to quickly get the desired information on a clearly designed landing page. When launching a new system, companies often make the mistake of paying more attention to functionality than to user-friendliness. This is precisely what we have tackled: in our trial runs we focused to a great extent on usability for both parties (licence partners and end users). After all, what good is a new system if it proves difficult to use?

Easy maintenance of our licence partners’ landing pages

When we developed our new content management system (CMS), the ease of use for our licence partner was paramount. The tool, which is used to maintain the licence partner’s own landing pages, thus has to meet stringent requirements: with immediate effect, it needs to support our licence partners in positioning and publishing content and images on their landing pages with as little effort as possible. The new CMS meets these requirements: the many benefits include that it is quick and easy to use, offers direct access to the support pages and FAQ, boasts intuitive page editing and a standardised interface. Key elements can be instantly recognised by partners, and the number of features has been reduced to a minimum, in keeping with the “Keep it simple” principle. All processes have been simplified and at times even reduced, for example by automating recurring processes. 

The end user in mind

Naturally, we also focused on the Engel & Völkers end users when tackling the user-friendliness of the system. If customers can find the desired information quickly and without any difficulty, they will most likely visit the website again and perhaps even recommend it. This is where our landing page is particularly effective: it boasts a clear navigation structure, a standardised page design and a working search function to guide users through the landing page.


The results of our trial runs have shown that our new system will allow us to meet our goal of converting website visitors to customers in the long term. The Web CMS meets the needs of both end users and licence partners alike. During the development phase, it was especially important to us to address our target group in line with their needs. Our quality website that showcases our values of exclusivity, zeal and competence goes hand in hand with a self-explanatory CMS that allows our licence partners to maintain their landing pages quickly and easily.

Marthe Hannöver is our expert and happy to answer your questions regarding this topic.Usability

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