Verbano Sailing Rally 2014.

Verbano Sailing Rally 2014. Registrations are open for the Verbano Sailing Rally 2014. This Rally is the only night race that takes place on Lake Maggiore and it is the longest, with over 40 miles of trail through Lake Maggiore, (from Cerro to Brissago, then Belgirate and again Cerro).
This year there is also the category “white sails” that will have a shorter route to 26 miles (it will turn the Cannero castles instead of Brissago).
This regatta want to continue the tradition of racing at night famous in the 70s – 80s on Lake Maggiore.
Recall, among others, the “Maxiverbano,” the old “Cruise of Verbano”, the first “Race of the Nostromo.”
This event is open to all types of keelboat, particularly boats that cruise, unsuitable paths “stick to” give the best of themselves, in terms of navigation and comfort on long journeys. More information can be found here. You can go to this page to register.


Check-out 17:00 hours of July 5: we are waiting!

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