Your villa in Brussels – Your Place of Happiness

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You are beyond excited. You’ve found the perfect property in Brussels, the gorgeous capital of Belgium. You’ve always wanted to move here, after numerous work-related and family trips here. You love the friendly and diversified atmosphere here – so much history seems to merge here in the city.


Thanks to your Real Estate agent, you’re now the proud and happy owner of a gorgeous real estate and life is about to start all over!


Exclusive and huge villa in brussels from the beginning of the century

Exceptional property from the beginning of the century, Brussels, Belgium


Brussels has it all – numerous charming and gorgeous sights to see, with beautiful embellished buildings across the Grote Markt (Grand Place Market) that you should definitely stroll around when you have time. This beautiful, globally known central square is famous for its aesthetic and historical wealth and is surrounded by the Town Hall, the Bread House and many guild houses. You’ve fallen in love with it the moment you’ve visited it for the first time a few years ago.


When you get tired, you know there’re plenty of opportunities for a little snack or stop at a bar! The

Place St-Géry/Sint-Goriksplein offers a nice drink for the happy heart. Why not relax here, and send your wife on a happy shopping trip along the trendy fashion street Rue Antoine Dansaert/Antoine Dansaertstraat. No complaints here, guaranteed!


After a long day of exciting new adventures in the city, you’re excited and happy to head back to one of the most gorgeous properties in Brussels – your new home. Your specious green backyard is your pride and joy and you look forward to many bbqs here with you family and friends! Why don’t you start planning a grand home warming party, so that everyone can share a piece of your happiness in Brussels!


Click here to access our Real Estate offers in Brussels and surroundings!