Villa Byron


Villa Byron is an exclusive property in the area of Lake Maggiore. The buildings and the surrounding area belong to the Monestary of Our Lady of the Annunciation of the Benedictine Nuns. These buildings have been used for monastic life and guest accommodation right up until 2002. The park has an extension of about 25.000 m², and the environmental and landscape value of the area where the estate is located are among the highest in the region. The main buildings are on the hillside overlooking Lake Maggiore, and afford a far-reaching view of the middle and lower Verbano, the Lombard and Piedmontese banks, the Borromeo Islands and the chain of the Alpine foothills and Piedmont Alps (Monte Rosa).

The Villa, which housed the monastery, is a an early 1900s building that was subject to two consecutive extensions of excellent architectural value made between 1960 and 1975 following Vincenti Antonello’s design, an architect from Milan.

 The body of the building is structured as follows. The basement of the villa:

    • 7 rooms (kitchen, pantry and laundry rooms);
    • Extension of the basement accessible and habitable in all its
    • parts: 3 bedrooms with bathrooms, meeting room and central heating system room;
    • Raised ground floor of the extension, a chapel with a central plan and a Sacristy, and a common space; bedrooms and bathrooms;
    • The villa’s ground floor and first floor 13 rooms;
    • Second floor 8 rooms; a small tower with window panes that rises above the roof with views of the property and Lake Maggiore.


The guest house, whose current size is the result of successive additions and alterations from 1956 to the present day, consists of a basement, 10.30 x 12.00 m, and three floors above ground measuring 31.40 x 72.00 m in total. The body of the building, with a rectangular shape is so articulated:

    • 5 basement rooms (kitchen, pantry and utility rooms);
    • ground floor: 5 rooms for common use and 6 bedrooms;
    • first floor: 1 common room and 12 bedrooms;
    • second floor: 17 bedrooms;
    • third floor: 8 bedrooms and 1 common room.


The current Management Plan of the Territory of the City of Laveno Mombello allows for further new construction for about 5400 m² of gross floor area with the following urban destination: quality hotel, tourism, social welfare, health care.

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