Your villa in Deià – your ticket to a life without worries

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Finally you’re at the right place to give your life and maybe even your art new impulses: Finally you’ve purchased the property you’ve always wished for and are sitting blissfully in your house.


Cozy terrace of a villa in Deià with a table with oranges, a parasol, and an ocean view

Villa with cozy terrace and an ocean view, Deià, Mallorca


As is well-known, Artist often live in an ivory tower – or in Deià on Mallorca. Far away from society they try to give shape to their creative thoughts and ideas.


Just like that fabled ivory tower, Deià is also hard to get to: Either you drive through Sóller and pay a toll at the tunnel or you make your way to this wonderful place with a leisurely drive through Valdemossa. Of course you can always take the bus to Deià, if you don’t want to jump into your car, but that takes its time, of course.


However, the long drive is quickly forgotten by the time you’ve arrived in Deià: The cobblestone alleys lined with olive trees look almost like something out of a painting. The place exudes a calm which makes even tourists without any artistic ambition take notice of the positive aura left behind by many famous artists.


Be it Pablo Picasso or Peter Ustinov, here any form of art will reveal completely new perspectives. Here, art is an integral part of everyday life, without it seeming forced. If you, for example, take a closer took at the bakery around the corner, you may be able to find a piece of art or two. Any more details would spoil the surprise – you’ll have to go and see this for yourself.


Whether it’s a classy boutique, an open studio, or a daring luxury goods store, art will not let go of you here. If you’re not already an artist yourself, this may just be the place where you find and experience the productive force of creativity. You’ll find many sources of inspiration for your heart as well as your mind.


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