A villa like a dream in Brussels

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Together with your your real estate agent, you’ve found a great house in Belgium. The surroundings are just like you imagined the perfect place for your house: modern, but still with the air of history, full of life with well-tended properties. Your house comes with great property as well, and it’s comfortably furnished.


You know your way around your sizeable villa by now – the only thing left is to find your way in the surrounding area. That’s actually not that hard in Brussels, and soon you’ll go for many walks just to see and get to know the impressive architecture and snug alleys of Belgium.

Front view of a villa in Brussels with enticing details and beautiful gardens

A villa with a certain charm, Brussels, Belgium

It’s best to start with a central place you’ll be able to use as for orientation at any time: the “Great Market”. In Dutch, it’s called the “Grote Markt” – a name that’s easy to remember and well-known to all locals.


When you’ve reached the square, the first thing you’ll do is stop and stare: the Baroque façades and the Gothic town hall give a first impression of the history of Belgium. In 1695, the “Great Market” was almost completely destroyed by French forces – however, in time, the square was rebuilt and completely overhauled. And now you’re standing in front of this monumental result of the restoration process!


Many tourists zealously take pictures of the town hall, which can also be found here. But you’ll have the luxury of visiting the “Great Market” as often as you want! Since 1998 this square has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


If you take a closer look at the guild halls, you’ll notice one thing immediately: The halls all have different names. And these names are quite extraordinary indeed, some even amusing: La Renommée (The Glory), La Taupe (The Mole) oder L’Ermitage (The Hermitage). You’ve noticed that here, the most beautiful and most wonderful thing comes free of charge: Your laughter.


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