Your villa on Mallorca Island in Artà

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In Artà is where you’ve found the perfect Finca for you and your family. You’ve taken a look at countless Properties – the house you’ve ultimately chosen in Artà was the one you liked best.


Now you’re sitting on an airplane on the way to Artà. The whole move was planned out by you and your family to the tiniest detail, so that the change of location is a success guaranteed.


View from a villa in Artà on the landscaped garden with palm trees and a pool

Impressive villa in first sea line, Artà, Mallorca


The flight attendant is serving you some cool water while you’re looking out of the window: Countless clouds are spread beneath you – You and the plane are within the blue horizon. The sea that awaits you in Artà will be just as blue as this sky. This is where you begin to begin to rave about your new villa and Artà’s surroundings.


Especially the numerous beaches make you feel so positive. With your purple beach umbrella and the white hat, you’re lying in completely happy on the following beaches: Sa Font Celada, Cala Torta or Na Ferradura. The selection here is great, and you’ll hardly be able to visit all the beaches at once for a while, i.e. Cala des Camps, Cala Estreta or S´Estanyol are still missing on your list.


You take a careful sip of the cooled water and immediately think of your children’s laughing faces, as they jump so joyfully into the refreshing sea after a walk on the beach. You’re already looking forward to going swimming in the sea on Mallorca, if time permits. Here is where you can finally start taking care of this stubborn back pain, without feeling like you’re straining yourself with virgorous physical activity.


Furthermore access nutritious food is going to work out perfectly for you here: The weekly farmer’s market in Artà offers fresh fruit as well as vegetables.


The airplane dispatch announces that you’ll soon be reaching your destination. You’re quickly securing your own and your children’s the safety belts and lean back in relaxation. Soon you’ll be arriving in the House of your Dreams.


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