Your Villa – Your Property in Nivelles

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You’ve always wanted to own a property in Belgium, since the beautiful area of Nivelles made you want to purchase a Villa here. Finally your Real Estate agent gave you the final push to go for it – besides the many beautiful houses, he’s also showed you the matching properties.


Contemporary style Villa in Nivelles surrounded by a large territory

Spacious Villa with a first class view, Nivelles, Belgium


Now it’s time! After a long search, you and your family found a gorgeous Villa in Belgium. Everyone in the family immediately liked it! You’ve previously took short trips to Belgium, specifically to Bruges and Antwerp, to visit different sights and to learn more about the country’s culture. Now, your family can take trips throughout all of Belgium every weekend! Time and Patience definitely pay off here, since Nivelles offers a great deal of interesting and popular attractions.


Today, you’ve planned to take a trip to the Collegiate Church of Saint Gertrude with your family. The church is built in a romantic style and was once ordained by a Lutheran bishop. After the collegiate church was destroyed in the second world war, it was reconstructed into its original form thanks to some hard-working hands .


Not only would you like to marvel at once a traditional house of worship from the inside , but you’d also want to explore something completely different: The huge bells in the collegiate church are said to be very impressive. These bells impress among other things with their sound, but the one thing you absolutely should want to see are the total of 94 bells.


One thing is particularly interesting for your children, who will sense a sacred atmoshphere in the church and furthermore see something in the Church is not only a sacred atmosphere, but also see something sanctified: The reliquary of St. Gertrud is stored here. You notice – even the churches in Belgium are something special. Most likely, you were able to admire many churches before, yet a reliquary truly attests to the great history of the Church and of the place itself.


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