Your villa – your property in San Carlos

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You’ve been long looking for the right Property. Whether it’s a villa or a finca – you’d like a house with style. On Ibiza in San Carlos, you have many opportunities and a great environment.


View of a property directly at the coast of San Carlos with pool and a wonderful view

Property with a first-class location, San Carlos, Ibiza


On Ibiza is where you have found a new home for yourself. Now you can look forward to every day in your nice villa, located close to the beach. There’s nothing more beautiful than living in one of the most beautiful properties in San Carlos. Most people are familiar with the popular Hippie Market nearby San Carlos in Las Dalias. You’ve also visited the place once with a few acquaintances. You can still remember this trip!


Your face covered with a layer of white sunscreen, your hat pulled low, you were clearly identified as newcomers amongst the many tanned, long-haired hippies. But you make nothing of these superficialities. On the contrary, you are here to take a look around, get to know the village and to buy a little something for your home in Ibiza in San Carlos.


After a long search and advice, you find a few other little things, that you’ve gotten at the market as a souvenir: There is the great rushing shell that will remind you of the sea, even while you’re in the city, or remember the colorful batik beach towel!


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