A villa in Santa Eulalia on Ibiza

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It’s a warm Sunday, your mood is great, and the day has only just begun. Together with your friends you’re sitting on the terrace of your villa in Santa Eulalia. Just when you’re about to spread some fresh mango marmalade on a slice of bread, one of your friends proposes to visit the hill Puig de Missa. You’ve not even had time to think about whether you want to start on the long way there yet, but your guests have already leapt to their feet.


Before you can change your mind, your friends stand next to the breakfast table with their backpacks slung over their shoulders. You’re barely able to delay them long enough to grab the sun screen and lock the house, because your friends are bubbling over with enthusiasm for spontaneous sightseeing trips on a Sunday morning – as always.

View on the beach and the ocean from a sensational villa in Santa Eulalia

Oceanfront villa, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

Just half an hour ago you sat a little sleepily at your breakfast table on Ibiza, now you’re wide awake and on the way to the Puig de Missa, sporting a crooked sun hat. The hill is close to the bay of Santa Eulalia and can be clearly seen even from far away. The walk is taking a little longer than planned, because your friends won’t stop taking pictures of you and your crooked hat.


Now you’ve finally arrived at the top of the hill and can already see the church. Some tourists are already buzzing around with their enormous digital cameras – you, in turn, casually and unobtrusively whip out your smartphone and take a funny picture of your friends.


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