Exclusive Villa on the river Brenta: a jewel of Venetian history

This luxurious Venetian Villa lies on the left bank of the Brenta River and it is immersed in a park of over 2 acres.
The first mention of the manor house dates back to 1617. On this date the Villa was registered to the Venetian merchant Vidal Vidalli, thanks to the documents of the State Archives of Venice and Padua.
In the seventeenth and eighteenth Century, it became involved in the ownership of several Greek families, which and that’s why the Villa is also remembered as “Villa of the Greeks”. The construction of the Oratory in 1777 has been permitted thanks to the marquis John Marquis de Serpos. Probably the same marquis also realized some of the embellishments of the villa interiors inspired by an Oriental style.
In 1794 the property was sold to the Armenian Fathers Mechitarist, who also realized the changes on the two barns adjacent to the main body.
During the First World War, the entire complex was used as a military hospital in the rear.
In 1935 the Armenian Fathers alienated the complex that came after various changes to the current property that realized many important conservation work.
The entire complex is fully enclosed by a wall of bricks. The park is decorated with more than 53 different species of trees, some of them centuries old, and by extensive lawns, a tennis court and a private dock on the waterway.


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Villa degli Armeni