Villas in Marbella. Are you looking for the luxury lifestyle that Marbella can offer? Living the luxury lifestyle is a privilege few people experience. What is a luxury lifestyle? In one word Marbella. You can access this lifestyle by securing yourself a prestigious, show stopping, luxury property. Let us present to you with our portfolio of Villas in Marbella and we will share 25 tips and ideas how to achieve your new sought after lifestyle in the exclusive European resort of Marbella. Marbella is where the rich and famous come to; it’s not just you chasing the dream.


Achieving a luxury lifestyle

Villas in Marbella


So you want a taste of the good life and who would blame you. It may not be money that brings you health and happiness but a certain lifestyle can certainly help with this. Who wants a life of stress, worry and hurry! Slow down and appreciate the finer things in life.



Match your Marbella Villa with a Luxury Lifestyle



1.   Set the Scene. Your Home life is where Happiness is made! Get the decorators in and put your own stamp on it. Did I say decorators? That was a slip of the tongue, what I really meant was an Interior Designer.

Marbella is full of inspiring designers, unique Villas in Marbella present them with the best of canvases to work with.

The Mediterranean has such beauty to draw from; it’s easy to be seduced by the light and the colour that weaves its way throughout the landscapes.


  1. 2.   Alfresco Dining. With 330 days of sunshine you are presented with near perfect conditions to dine Al Fresco. Create a few different moods for your dining experience, you might start with Breakfast, or the more fashionable and acceptable Brunch. Invite your friends after the socialite party you attended the previous evening!

Look for little nooks in the garden for a more romantic moment for dining or have show stopping designer dining on your covered terrace.


  1. 3.   Garden Party. A gardener is a must, someone experienced in landscaping your oasis. The scorching summer sun can be difficult and unforgiving to the novice; you don’t want it to be all dried out and baron looking.

Influences are drawn from the Moors colourful and decorative features adorn courtyard spaces and seductive lighting creates ambience and drama as the sun is setting on your little piece of heaven.


  1. 4.   Making a Splash.  No villa would be complete without one and wow you are spoiled for choice. Clever designs incorporate infinity pools, with the illusion of falling off the side of the mountain. You will be seduced with undisturbed panoramic views over the mountainside to the sea. Others choose waterfalls, fountain features with spectacular tiling.

You just have to sit back and sip a cocktail as the sun dances on the water projecting the light around you. 


An infinite luxury lifestyle



  1. 5.   A Room with a View. This is not difficult, a place to relax and unwind with panoramic views. A retreat to read or meditate or simply reflect on your day. Choose to bathe looking over a picturesque landscape.

Create a peaceful interior, which reflects the way you want to feel.


Sea views while you bathe



  1. 6.   Private Viewings. A Home Cinema where you choose to sit in the front or back row with your popcorn.  A night in front of the television will never be the same again. No couch potatoes here! Or it becomes an extension to your office and you deliver some presentations from home, every aspiring entrepreneurs dream.


A home office with a difference



  1. 7.     Timeless Pastimes.  Boys will be boys and high on the wish list is a Games Room, have your very own Billiard Room and hustle your friends.
  1. 8.     Dress to Impress. Designer Fashion with every label imaginable is in abundance. Think Sex in the City and a day in Marbella with your friends shopping for alluring evening gowns, killer heels and the latest seasons must have handbag. Puerto Banus is lined with stores that will seduce you all day long.


  1. 9.     Shine Bright Like a Diamond.  A girl’s best friend! Jewellery is exquisite and must have accessory. You’ll feel like Royalty. You can be understated and elegant or go all out there with the bling! This is not exclusively for the ladies right! Men love to impress with their latest in the Watch range.


  1. 10.     The Scent of a Woman.  Again we mustn’t rule out the men, aftershave is hot and sexy with all the ad campaigns that go on. Ladies are appreciated for their touch of femininity with their soft scents. Our sense of smell is heightened to new levels in Marbella!


  1. 11.      Arrive in Style. Chauffeur driven or not your car will speak volumes about who you are. To be seen is definitely in Puerto Banus. Where heads turn and people sit on restaurant terraces admiring the beauty of the Sports cars, or Classics.


Classic Car


 -CLASSIC CARS- car hire on another level.


  1. 12.      Finest in Food. Fine dining restaurants, with gourmet award winning chefs putting on a colourful display of food art. Your food palette will never be the same again. Etiquette is certainly entertaining. 


  1. 13.      Become a Socialite. Fill your calendar with the best social events on offer. Be seen to be seen and create yourself a friends list the celebrities would be envious of. Be sophisticated, with an endearing personality to match. Glitzy dinner Gala’s, Charity events, Inaugurations of Art Exhibitions you name it, there is an event for everyone’s taste. 


  1. 14.      Culture Vulture. Expand your cultural repertoire and attend Art Galleries, or a night at the Opera or Ballet. You won’t be left behind in conversations or discussion exchanging ideas. You need to have a little insight and contribute intelligently. Invest in Art, there are so many new Contemporary artists hitting the headlines. 


  1. 15.      Caring is Sharing. Charity work in Marbella strikes a chord with a lot of the socialites, well not them alone of course. It is such a worthy thing to do with your time and with your time and influence good things can be achieved. Set yourself to task and talk over the events at luncheons.  


  1. 16.      Set Sail. Have you got a yacht, if not get on-board someone else’s and set sail from Puerto Banus. The millionaire’s playground, keep your eyes out for the new port being developed to rival it in East Marbella as we speak. Investment made by Qatari Sheikh Abdullah Ben Nasser Al-Thani, who owns Malaga Football Club.


Luxury and splendour of yachting

Puerto Banus  




17.      Healthy Heart.  Take up a Sport, feeling good and looking good top the list if you want to carry a certain image well. You have to convince yourself, as well as others and exercise factors in your mind and body. Your new Villa in Marbella can cater for a gym, so you don’t technically have to leave home to get on the road to looking good. Get yourself a personal trainer.


18.      Make a Toast to your new life. Champagne, fine wines or a sophisticated, cheeky little cocktail! Is it a Cosmo, Mojito or a Daiquiri? Or will you keep to the tradition of a Gin & Tonic at sunset?


19.      Members Only. Join a Club. Have the special Members only entry. Classic Cars, Golf, Polo, so many to choose from and a delightful way to spend some leisure time.


20.      Strike a Pose. Fancy yourself a budding photographer, this seems to be a real trending past time and with such beautiful surroundings who wouldn’t want to capture the perfect moments.


21.      Private Jet Set.  If you are lucky you could have yourself access to a Helicopter pad. Have a look at La Zagaleta, here you could be sneaking of for weekend breaks to keep up and compare notes with the glamorous lifestyles in other jet set cities.


22.      Saddle Up. Equestrian Centres are numerous and if you happen to have the swanky La Zagaleta address you have your own private access. Here they have 23 stables and you can have your own horse stabled with them.


23.      Have your Masseuse on Speed dial. With a spa like feel in your own home you can have your masseuse attend to your well-being. The only tension you may be feeling is from your gym workout that your personal trainer had you do, a round of Golf at your private members club, or a hack with your horse.


24.      Heavenly Spas. Sometimes a day at the spa is calling, where your every need is pampered from head to toe, with the latest rejuvenating, age-defying beauty treatments. Ensuring you maintain that radiant glow is priority in Marbella! Just be careful of over-doing the extra mile of surgery, do as you have to, but keep it real!



-SPA DAYS- in Marbella


25.      Designer Pooches.  Yes, still up there as a fashion accessory, not so much a handbag dog these days though. Trending, well maybe not the best choice of words to describe dog rescue, but the whole adopt a dog is tipping in favour. We are of an age where far more empathy is being observed. A dog deserves a touch of the Marbella lifestyle as well, why not?


-TRIPLE A MARBELLA- Animal Rescue Centre, Marbella


Would you have anything to add to this list? It certainly is a list for thought; it’s in no particular order. It’s not a countdown to the most 

influential or important decisions you have to be making or considering. What it is though is a typical lifestyle in the prestigious Marbella, where your Villa and home life are of particular importance. It is afterall where the heart is.