Warm up your heart

Warm up your heartWhen it gets cold and dark outside, it is easy to let the atmosphere affect your mood. But not with our hot tips! In these cold temperatures a cosy home, wool blankets and warm clothes can help plus you’ll need the right ingredients for your heart.

Experience with all your senses

Rediscover your senses! If you want to experience the seasons with all your senses, you will need to bring the right smells in to your house, smells which exude true comfort. Do you feel the cold? In the cold months, cook with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger or chili – these spices are said to have a warming effect and the aroma will lend your home a comforting ambience.

A strong herbal tea will warm your body and a cuddly wool blanket with soft cashmere will soothe the soul. Candlelight relaxes the eyes, and you will see the world in a different light. When the wood crackles in the fire place, you can even “hear” the comforting warmth. Create special comforting moments like this, when the wind is howling outside or rain is pouring down the window panes.

Cooking against the cold

A beautiful dinner in your living room for family, friends or acquaintances warms the heart and creates closeness and comfort in stormy times. Enjoy the closeness surrounded by your loved ones when it’s cold and dark outside, and will make you step outside the door once in a while. In a rustic kitchen like in this chalet it is comforting to potter and cook. Celebrate the preparations, decorate the table with eye-catchers such as this silver plated jug or a special bottle coaster for your wine evenings.

Still not warm enough? Then just lie back in your armchair, close your eyes and dream of the beauty and sun in the Caribbean. We hope you have a lot of fun!