Warm up yourself!

Warm up yourself!We have already written about how to bring warmth into your heart and home. But often it is not enough to use your own four walls to create warmth because ultimately, your body wants to be exercised, too. From as early as Socrates, it has been said: “Let him who would move the world first move himself.” We are offering you a few tips for warming up your muscles before you pop out and save the world. 

Sweating and relaxing

Do as the Finnish do and really let off some steam! Going to the sauna is definitely the best option to work up a sweat during the winter. If you can bear it for long enough, after a good length of time you will be absolutely longing to be outside in the cold. If you have your own sauna like the one in this chalet in Gstaad, you can regularly train your immune system and declare war on viruses, bacteria and the like. Don’t forget to relax for a good long time after each visit to a sauna so as not to overexert your circulation with the fluctuation in temperature.

Run, rabbit, run!

Another effective means of tackling the bitter cold is movement. Are you shivering and freezing after sitting for too long at the computer? Put on your running shoes and do a few laps – that will keep your circulation on its toes and warm you up nicely. This private park belongs to this villa in Lugano and offers the ideal opportunity to go for a quick run. Afterwards, healthy rosy cheeks are your reward for convincing yourself to go out in the cold. We recommend: In your own garden you can do exercises – even in the winter – that you might not wish for everyone to see. A simple skipping rope is all you need to do some jumps on the terrace or in the garden and get your blood pumping.

Warmth, water, wellbeing

Did you know that in the course of our lives, we will spend more than 3 years in the bathroom? Water is our element and gives us warmth and relaxation. At this country house on the island of Sylt, this bathtub under a starry sky offers an alluring invitation to immerse yourself in a warm, fragrant bath. Put your feet up and relax as you fill yourself with new energy. A warm bath relaxes the muscles and pampers the body and soul. But moving in water also gives us warmth because it jump-starts the circulation and is also very kind to joints. In this Austrian estate, the private swimming pool in a separate pool house invites you to get your body into full swing with daily swimming sessions whilst clearing your head to make room for the important things.

Dashing through the snow…

Skiing is not just a sport for adventurous folk. In flatter realms it can also bring some variety to day-to-day life. Getting moving in the fresh air, the views of snow-covered hills and an extra dose of oxygen are a real feel-good cocktail. Having trouble choosing a skiing region? How about having the English royal family for company?  Or are you after adventure in the form of heli-skiing? Regardless of the physical activity you choose to do, enjoy a well-earned break afterwards and relax thoroughly. Why not lean back and put your soul at ease? Needing time out from your smart phone, iPad etc.? Read our article about Digital detox vacations. Enjoy! 

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