Ways to save money on your move

Ways to save money on your move When relocating, there are numerous ways to make the most of your time and money. These helpful moving tips show how you can streamline the process and make worthwhile savings, from the early planning stages through to when you have settled into the new property.


Include items in your house sale

It is worth considering which of your bulkier possessions, such as appliances and furniture, you would like to take with you to your new home. These items can be challenging to move, as well as more easily damaged in transit. It may be better to eliminate the inconvenience of packing and moving such items by including them in your house sale. Not only will this reduce unnecessary removal costs, but it will also give you the chance to invest in furnishings that are tailor-made for your next property.

Move certain pieces yourself

Hiring a reputable removal company is a fundamental part of this process, but there are benefits to moving some smaller items personally. This applies particularly to valuables such as jewellery or ornaments, as taking these with you in your own vehicle will help to avoid any risk of breakage or loss. Some firms charge by the number of items they handle, so this could also reduce your final fee.

Declutter your current home

This is the perfect time to go through your possessions, and to dispose of or sell any that you no longer want. Doing so will make the relocation day more time efficient, as well as minimising non-essential expenditure; missing out this step could result in you having to pay the removal company to transport belongings you do not need.

Factor in the fees

Without careful pre-planning, the true costs of a house sale may not match your expectations. By creating a moving checklist that details all fees, including legal and banking ones, you will have a complete understanding of the total expense before receiving any bills, ensuring there will be no surprises.

Choose your moving day wisely

Avoid moving in on a Bank Holiday or a weekend, as removal costs can be higher and the roads will be busier at these times. Taking two or three days off work instead and planning your move for a weekday will minimise this associated stress.

Reconsider your utilities providers

Moving into a property means setting up new arrangements with gas, electricity and other utilities providers. Many homeowners can recoup significant sums of money during this period, as it allows them to take advantage of better value offers.

Wait before you renovate

Once you have moved in, it can be tempting to start altering the property immediately. However, taking the time to familiarise yourself with your new home will give you a more accurate sense of how much remodelling or redecoration work needs carrying out. It is also worth thoroughly researching potential architects or decorators to find the most appropriate one for the job. This approach will mean you will not spend money on needless renovations.

If you are ready to move home, and are looking to sell your current house or to purchase a new luxury property, contact one of Engel & Völkers‘ local agents. With over three decades of real estate experience, we have all the expertise required to advise and aid you in your move.