Wealth of possibilities

Pieter Viljoen


Learn how a sales advisor joined Engel & Völkers, implemented our systems and achieved over R6,000,000 in sales in just 2 months.

Yes you read it correctly. We sometimes become blasé about our achievements as we are very focused and expect this from our partners.

Yes there are other similar success stories which we can show you, for now let’s focus on how you can be successful and how this wealth of possibilities can only be achieved with Engel & Völkers.

What’s more impressive than R6,000,000 plus in sales, is the fact it cost the agent nothing, nil, nada, zip, zilch, zero that’s right no money down. Yes this is one way the wealth guru’s such as Robert Kiyosaki, JT Foxx, Dr. Hannes Dreyer etc. teach you to achieve infinite returns on your investment. You deserve to work with the best to give yourself the opportunity to do so: Call Mandy directly on 083 4492 678

We love facts, here is how it played out…

  • The partner had never sold property in Port Elizabeth before.
  • This team player, received E&V training, put their head down and implemented.
  • With excellent support systems and a team environment, this plus more is within reach to each and everyone accepted into E&V brand.
  • No multi-level marketing.
  • Would not have been possible without team support and thriving team environment.
  • Exceptional support from the brand, management as well as head office.

If a new agent can achieve this, experienced agents looking for change and partnering with Engel & Völkers will set themselves on unlimited earning potential in a very short space of time.

Work with the best.

If your current company does not offer you all of the following, you are falling behind faster than you know it.

  • Truly global network, by global we don’t mean an office in London or an association with an international co. (Important note: This is key)
  • Best IT systems, which manage your entire day to day tasks, CRM, as well as listing integration all from one screen. (You have to see it to believe it)
  • Structured head office as well as local office support, ie. CEO, Head of Department, Management, Team leaders, team assistants, team members.
  • No money down, that’s right, E&V team members in PE don’t pay for boards, advertising, stickers, marketing printing, phone calls. If you still are, then STOP the madness and call Mandy directly on 083 4492 678… You need these to be successful we want you focused on selling homes, not counting and paying for paper, boards & stickers no matter what your split.
  • A brand, and office achieving 30% growth year on year and climbing.
  • Lead generation – our team can’t keep up with the leads our network generates for them.
  • Local as well as International, luxury magazine publications. Distribution of 60,000 local and 200,000 copies internationally.
  • An online social hub.
  • Commercial, residential and rental earning opportunities.
  • National training academy, set at international standards.
  • No pyramid, structures at all, take a minute to think about your current situation and ask yourself. Am I in a pyramid structure? The quicker you exit the better.
  • At E&V we are all equal; it’s the only way we can work together.
  • A company web site which generates close to 1,000,000 hits a month.  That’s right E&V.com alone generated comparable traffic to that of Prop24 and other large South African web portals.
  • Unique shop concept, why lock yourself away from your clients?
  • A Private office to look after the world wealthiest clients.

If you want this success we have all of the above to allow you to achieve your goals.

We want you to be as successful, that’s our attitude.

Looking for a life change is the perfect time, change is good embrace it.

Call Mandy directly on 083 4492 678, or email: Mandy.Grant@engelvoelkers.com to make it happen for yourself.

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