Welcome to Your New Home in the Luxurious City of Antwerpen

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Congratulations! You are now a proud owner of a luxurious villa in Antwerpen, an area reserved for the most luxurious residences that will surely make everyone envious of the life you have. From the time you have moved in, you will wake up to a magnificent view of the neighborhood and can socialize with the elite residents around the area. Gleaming wood floors, opulent staircase, upscale kitchen, sophisticated art installations, and a relaxing garden pool are just some of the things that will most probably excite you.


Front view of a luxurious and spacious villa in Anwerpen with a large garden

Impressive villa, Antwerpen, Belgium


Antwerpen is a city rich in things you can do every day or just on the days you feel like exploring more of your new place. Kick off your morning with a cup of hot coffee from the Groenplaats terraces while enjoying the intricate view of Art Deco Boerentoren and the Gothic Cathedral of Our Lady.


Your wife will be happy to finally indulge in shopping spree at National estraat where you can find luxurious clothing items, while you and the kids fill your tummies with delicious treats from Goossens Bakery. On the weekends, there are also plenty of things to do, i.e. taking your kids to the Antwerpen Zoo or a cultural visit to the Palace of the Meir. Up for grocery shopping? Check out Grote Markt, which offers a wide range of products all year long. Come dusk, be spontaneous and take your lovely wife head over to De Muze Pub for a nightly dose of jazz fix or at nine for your favorite artisanal cocktail.


Truly, Antwerpen is a place filled with luxurious personality, as shown by the properties within your neighborhood, including an apartment that looks like a five-star hotel or a real estate house that resembles a castle from centuries ago. Savor each moment in your new place, socialize, and live the life of your dreams!


Click here to see our exclusive real estate properties in Antwerpen, Belgium.