West Flanders – Knokke

Your real estate agent has a knack for real estate: With all the beautiful villas, flats, and properties he’s shown you, the choice isn’t easy. But now you’ve decided on a classy house and great property in Knokke.

Classy pavilion of a house in Knokke

Pavilion of a villa in Knokke

When you’ve enjoyed the fresh ocean breeze and relaxed enough, it’s time to explore the surroundings inland. An extensive coastal hiking path can be found here, made especially for people who enjoy hiking.


You probably know this situation: You’re looking forward to hiking with your family but have to look for a parking space for at least half an hour. That’s not only annoying, but also costs you time that could have been better spent doing something meaningful.


For exactly this reason there are certain starting points along the hiking route in West Flanders you can head to: Here you’ll find not only free parking but also public transportation, enabling you to comfortably reach the hiking path of your choosing.


Especially people who don’t have a lot of experience with hiking tours may be familiar with slightly overestimating themselves: In a bout of euphoria you think it would be great to finish the whole route in a single day. They may have a map and a longer route already all planned out, but suddenly some of the more inexperienced people notice that they’ve gotten in a little over their head.


Since the hiking path on the coast is very popular with experienced and inexperienced hikers alike, there is a special system in place to help you plan your route out precisely. There are certain key points, connected to each other with numbers, so that the numbering enables you to immediately see whenever there is a crossroads with two or more hiking paths.


By way of this skilfully constructed net of hiking paths it’s easy to figure out exactly how long a route will take you. You can even plan in longer breaks without getting your estimates wrong. All so you can enjoy every route to the fullest and focus on your surroundings.


You can find more information on our unique real estate offers in Knokke and environs here.