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Wine Cellar Es Verger



In the fifties the family business Es Verger produced Mantonegro wine in Santa Maria del Camí. Nowadays they are still taking care of those old vineyards and have varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Viognier…

The finca Es Verger is located in the beautiful Serra de Tramuntana, at 450 metres above sea level, 4 kilometers from the town of Esporlas. They enjoy a special microclimate which has a positive influence on their wines, and have improved things but are still a small family business that puts quality before quantity.

Es Verger were one of the first 100% ecological vineyards, and they believe that their handmade philosophy is essential to get the best results.

They produce four different wines: Ses Marjades (Mantonegro), Els Rojals (Cabernet i Merlot), Pinot Noir (Reds) and Fita del Ram (Sweet white with Viognier variety). Their red wines are aged for 12 months in French oak barrels.

In the finca extra virgin oil of exceptionally high quality is also produced, which is registered as an official product of Mallorca:“Oli de Mallorca”. Their oil won the Feinschmecker award in 2010, that places it in the best 250 oils in the world.

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Wine Cellar Son Puig


Bodegas Son Puig is a family company which produces top quality wines in Puigpunyent.

The wine production is limited and made from grapes coming exclusively from the state’s own vineyard. They are handpicked by the same people every season.

The winery’s architecture and cutting-edge technology has been composed in an old wine-making tradition building. Back in 1597 there already were vineyards at Son Puig, The Son Puig estate is listed in the ancient inventory of real estate held by the Town Council of Puigpunyent.

“In the inventory that was made following the death of Felip des Puig, in 1597, Son Puig is recorded as having houses with different rooms and chambers, an olive oil press, a storage room for oil, stables, a courtyard, a small old winery and a new one…”

“A note by Jeroni de Berard in 1789 states: “It is large. It has a kitchen garden with fruit and flowers, water and vines. It is owned by Joseph Despuig from Palma.”

The winery and Son Puig’s different wines are the result of the efforts and dedication of a family who are convinced that sustainable ways of working the land and maintaining big rural estates, based on agricultural production and processing systems, are the pathway to the future for our historical heritage.


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Text Info: Son Puig Website

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