Yacht: Sale of the Week

F421ECA7121B7EE442684E8EE6F6F22A-VIEW-SLIDESHOW C76FFDAD88030019EE462704D642F25C-VIEW-SLIDESHOWMY Absolute 70 - Y-01VZKZ

Yacht Description: Made in Italy by the world renowned Absolute which is also known for pleasure of cruising, respecting sea and on-board safety. This Absolute luxury boat surfs the sea in all direction. The vessel established new standards in the sector with state-of-the-art materials and design, and considerable focus on live-ability. With 3 cabins, the owner’s and the VIP one are true masterpieces – lounges with sweeping windows creating subtle plays of light. Also the other interior spaces reveal a sophisticated focus on interior design: a skillful mix of the finest woods, varnishes, steel and glass will bring to life perfect settings for all moments of life on board.

The exterior is also a perfect blend of functionality and sheer beauty, with solutions that make for seamless communication between the various areas: this can be seen in the dual passageway in the bridge area and in the electrically operated side doors that give easy and immediate access to the bows directly from the steering area.

Asking Price: On Request