Your house. Your property. Your Life in Sóller.

You, eating mandarin ice cream without a care in the world in your glamorous villa in Sóller, completely relaxed and enjoying the moment.

This example has probably given it away already: In Sóller, you’ll find a small world of its own that’s almost too surreal to be true. It’s the – at first glance – unremarkable things that are most precious here: You’re ordering helado here, not ice cream, and the train isn’t merely called the Tren de Sóller, but the Orange Express or Red Lightning.

Whether you’re riding the (in)famous train or simply take your car: many ways lead to Sóller.

If you dare to ride the “Red Lightning”, you can brag about it a little to your friends and proudly tell them that the Orange Express carried you to Sóller, that you enjoyed a fresh breeze, got a nice tan, and polished up on your Spanish.

Or would you rather be your own master and prefer travelling by car? If you don’t want to drive through the toll tunnel from Palma to Sóller, you can take the winding pass of Coll de Sóller. This will admittedly make for a bit of a rough ride, but you’ll get a marvellous view of the Playa de Palma.

Kleine casita im Gebirge von Serra de Tramutana

Serra de Tramutana Gebirge (Sóller) Mallorca

In the mountains of Serra de Tramutana you can leave the daily routine behind – so go, strap on your backpack, get yourself some sturdy shoes, and prove your perseverance. This World Heritage site is worth a hiking trip any day.

But maybe you want to experience Tramuntana and its surroundings for more than just a few days? That’s not a problem – you’ve got the choice between small refugis (mountain cabins) or casitas (little houses). At refugis, your breakfast will have everything you could wish for: avocado juice, or delicious fig jam. At casitas, on the other hand, you can bring your own food and squeeze your morning orange juice yourself.

In the Calle de la Luna you’ll find many artists. They carve sculptures from olive wood and draw inspiration from the tickling of the sun’s warm rays. This is where, once upon a time, Joan Miró painted Étoile Bleue, one of the fifty most expensive paintings of the world – this abstract number just serves to illustrate how greatly art connoisseurs value Miró. Perhaps you, too, will become an artist here!

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