10 reasons why Middle East investors should look at Spanish real estate

According to the article on emirates247.com here are 10 reasons why Middle East investors should invest in Spain’s real estate market:

  1. 1. Low prices post-recession - the lowering of prices until 2014, allow opportunistic investors to take advantage of these low prices in order to diversify their portfolio.
  2. 2. Economic recovery - economical growth expectations for Spain favours the increase of foreign investments.
    Photo by Juanedc

    Photo by Juanedc

  3. 3. Strong tourism - Spain is one of the most popular touristic destinations worldwide so its attraction to investors is unquestionable.
  4. 4. Opportunistic market - With easier investment possibilities some spanish cities have become more interesting than other well-know european cities.
  5. 5. Easier access to credit - Banks are starting to lend more money since the beginning of 2014.
    Photo by Francisco Colinet

    Photo by Francisco Colinet

  6. 6. Golden Visa – Since 2013, non-resident investors that acquire real estate for a value of, at least, €500.000 are eligible to obtain a residency.
  7. 7. Increase of rental among nationals - In the last decade the number of residential rentals has increased by a 36%.
    Photo by Juanedc

    Photo by Juanedc

  8. 8. Big investors - Well know investor and investment firms are heavily investing in the Spanish economy, a trend that is being followed by investors worldwide.
  9. 9. Prices increase potential - Whereas rental and selling prices are already reaching maximum levels in other European countries, Spain offers big margins for improvement in the short and long term.
  10. 10. Direct flights from UAE - Direct flights from Dubai to Madrid and Barcelona and Abu Dhabi starting to fly from March 2015 to Madrid, makes the journey for UAE residents easy and short.

More information and full article on: http://bit.ly/17SIsxx


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