150 Years Florence Capital


150 anni firenze



2015 is the year that marks the 150th anniversary of Florence Capital, as from the 3rd of February 1865 the king, the government, ministries and the whole system of the state apparatus moved to the city of Florence.

Three symbolic days. February the 3rd is the official opening of the anniversary of the arrival  of King Vittorio Emanuele II, at the Palazzo Vecchio will be held a day of meetings that will end with a concert. On May 14, the anniversary of the unveiling of the statue of Dante Alighieri in Piazza Santa Croce, which was inaugurated in 1865 and 18 November the city remembers the day when the Parliament met for the first time in Florence in Palazzo Vecchio.

Exhibitions, conferences, debates and conferences, for a total of 25 cultural projects, among with a exhibition dedicated to the architect Giuseppe Poggi, author of the urban plan of 1865: a first for Florence Capital.


It’s thanks to him the walls of Florence have been knocked down, the creation of boulevards, the neighborhood of Mattonaia, Piazza Indipendenza, via XXVII Aprile, the monument for Manfredo Fanti in Piazza San Marco, , the sewer, the aqueduct, the railway and many other interventions that transformed Florence in the city that we see today.


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