The 5 main virtues of a notary

The 5 main virtues of a notary

The notary is a Law professional with high expertise (to access the body of notaries you have to get over a public examination process, one of the toughest selection mechanisms existing, that can only be faced by law graduates and requires intensive and profound studying), closely related and impartial, who helps, advises and ensures that your contract or business is strictly set to legality. The notary is a guarantee of legitimacy and security for both the individual and the State.


The prime objective of the notary is that the contract, business or declaration is set to legality and becomes irrefutable. The deed, the so called contract signed in the presence of a notary, is valid and reliable before the Courts of Justice: no one doubts its veracity, no need of proof.


Any notarized document provides reassurance that the business or contract is firm, immovable and effective.


The cost of notarial intervention is much lower than the social and economic costs avoided. Only a small part of what you pay at the notary actually belongs to the notary, most of it is a provision to pay off taxes, registration and management fees, and other expenses the notary pays on behalf of the client.


Notaries are constantly adapting their functions so that they are ready to be ahead and prevent new social and technological requirements. They are also immersed in ongoing studies to keep their professional knowledge permanently updated on regional, national and international levels.