Are you able to work in a team?

Team spirit and the ability to work in a team are top priorities at many companies. Many job advertisements point out the prerequisite of being able to constructively exchange with colleagues. In today’s working world, it’s not just important to be a good autonomous worker and to prove your professional skills. Equally important is the ability to be a good team player. Ultimately, the success of a working team depends on how well the colleagues cooperate with one another.

Strong together

Initially, it is important to work out a common goal for the colleagues to work towards. This is the only way for multiple people to operate in a team and to exploit strengths together. The team shouldn’t be too small or too large. For every project or job instruction, it will become evident whether a team harmonises well together or, perhaps, if a new composition is necessary. A team representative plans the structure of the processes precisely and maintains an overall picture. It can be helpful to combine different characters in a team: Combine creative heads and pragmatic ones? Diversity and complementing personalities bring a working team to life. Too much homogeneity is potentially good for harmony but risks colleagues only steering in one direction instead of exploiting different opportunities.

Are you able to work in a team?Reliable & hardworking

It is important that an employee is reliable. Team members must trust each other and be able to count on the fact that tasks are carried out promptly and with care. Only people who actively carry out their work and don’t lean back will be seen as team players. With all creativity and diversity – stay on the ball! It is equally important not just to put your head in the sand and instead to persevere with difficult tasks.

Criticism & compromises

If you aren’t able to take criticism, you won’t go far in a group. It’s the be-all and end-all of a successful team that work and behavioural practices be reflected upon and that employees are open to constructive criticism. Only in this way can one further develop optimally within a team. Nonetheless, stay firm and represent your own opinion. Differing views revive a project and lead to multiple aspects being included in the task. Nothing happens without compromise! Just from having different personalities within a team, it is unavoidable to make steps towards each other and to add in your own wishes and ideas.

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