Agent of the month – Toni Smidt



How do you balance work and play?
I try and socialise at least twice a week, either it’s drinks after work with colleagues, inviting friends for dinner or hanging out on the weekend.


How would you describe your average working day?
I take the day as it comes – I usually start by checking and responding to emails then head off to all my appointments of the day and on the odd occasion I run off to a casting (as I also work part time as a model).


One thing that no one else may know about you?
About two years ago I fell in love with aerial dance. It started with pole fitness classes but from there I started aerial silks, lyra and acro yoga, basically anything that gets me in the air.


Describe yourself in three words
Buoyant, spontaneous and…


Your travel bucket list.
Rio De Janeiro – Brazil


What was the last film you watched and the last book you read?
Movie: Straight Outta Compton


Book: Flowers In The Attic




Coffee or rooibos?


Gym or hike?


Mountain or sea?
Can’t decide


Curry or roast?


Morning or evening person?