In Andratx is where your Real Estate dreams will come true!

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In Mallorca there are many luxurious houses, properties here are as dreamy as the sand beaches. Everyone wants to eventually own a fantastic property on a sandy beach – yourself included!

Your home sweet home is now in Andratx! You were excited when you found a villa that is exactly what you’ve imagined and wished for: Before you’ve toured your dream villa in Andratx, you’ve also checked out a cozy finca in Valldemossa and an exclusive villa in Sóller. But the property in Andratx was clearly your favorite and now you’re ready to move in.

The area, where your property is located, is not just perfect to live in, but also offers things that you appreciate, like culture, great food, and your favorite sports activities.

Starting today, you have the certainty of knowing that you’ve found the house of your dreams. From now on, you’ll fully enjoy Mallorca and make full use of your spare time. First, you’ll take a trip to the cultural center of Andratx. You’ve been wanting to visit it for a while, but never had the time, since you were busy looking for your dream house. Now, you have everything you’ve wanted and needed and you finally have time to dedicate yourself to the cultural riches of Andratx.

Exterior of a property in Andratx with a view over the sea

Dream of a property in an exclusive location, Andratx, Mallorca

The Centro Cultural Andratx (CCA) is an exhibition space of 4,000 square meters, the largest cultural center for modern and contemporary art, both in the Balearic Islands as well as throughout Europe. Here you can express your curiosity and interest in diverse art. Many well-known artists express their thoughts on certain topics right here, using installations, paintings or other exhibit pieces. In the halls of the Centro Cultural Andratx, paintings of significant artists such as Ruff and Signer have been previously exhibited. Yoko Ono, who you’re a great fan of, was here once presenting her works in an exhibition.

After this inspiring trip to the CCA, you got a little hungry and decided to go grab a bite at a restaurant, before returning to your villa. When it comes to Mallorcan specialties, you have plenty of choices here in Andratx.

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