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You made up your mind. You’ve decided it’s time to dare this brave step to a new life, and after many open house walk through, you bought a luxurious property in Antwerpen, Belgium.


Even though the villa of your dreams is quite fancy, it wasn’t your goal to strike envy in others. You simply did it for your own reasons; you wanted to be proud of the place you call home. This magnificent house offers a magnifying view of the neighbourhood and many possibilities to socialize with the community. This place is designed to make you feel exceptional, comfortable and rich with its relaxing garden pool area, sophisticated installation of arts, gleaming wood flooring and opulent staircase. Home, sweet home.


Why Antwerpen, others may ask. Why not, you say? This city is the center of the diamond trade that allows people to live in luxury estates along with things reflective of abundant lifestyle.


View of a luxury property in Antwerpen, with a landscaped garden

Magnificent villa, Antwerpen, Belgium


You will never get bored living in Antwerpen. Most people can only dream of acquiring their own property here, but far more this place also offers serene and wonderful surroundings as well. Make sure to visit the Gothic Cathedral of Our Lady and Art Deco Boerentoren with its wonderful jawdropping.


Some of your friends are already halfway convinced about looking into buying a house in the neighbourhood to be around you and get a taste of life here in Belgium. You told them, if they aren’t quite sure yet, they could also rent out a property, luxury apartment, villa or finca for a test-holiday time. This will surely give them an extra push in the right direction!


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