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santa ponca-8_blogInterview with Malte Frank – Managing Director of apm

Malte has always felt at home in Mallorca: as a child his family spent many happy summers here. He can’t have known as a little boy that as an adult he would be building and designing homes for other families to make their own happy memories in. Together with his partner Andreas Heider he founded apm, architecture passionately managed, which became one of the most renowned project management companies of the island. Since 2009 they successfully build and refurbish top quality properties in Mallorca with their international team.

Engel und Völkers: First off, why did you move to Mallorca?

Malte Frank (smiles): Part of me feels as if I didn’t ever leave from when I was a boy. I chose to come back to Mallorca because it is, in my opinion, one of the best places in the world to live. There are not many places like Mallorca when you put it all together: the weather, the landscape, the feeling of security, the infrastructure. 

E&V: How did you come to found your business?

MF: apm grew out of our personal passion for beautiful homes. My partner Andreas had finished a project and it attracted so much interest from buyers and people who wanted to have their own houses transformed that we realised that there was a demand that we could meet. Our approach and style is to offer modern, individual living solutions combined with Mediterranean charm. We use the latest technologies and high quality materials to leave nothing to be desired, but at the same time we are creating a harmoniously comfortable atmosphere in the house. It sounds a bit kitschy but we are making people’s dreams of living on the Balearic Islands come true. Our business is quite emotional. We work very closely with our clients, so we don’t do too many projects at the same time. We manage them our self and we visit them daily when they are in the construction phase. 

E&V: So where can we expect to see you working?

MF: We only focus on the prime markets in the South West of Mallorca, Port Andratx, the surroundings of Andratx, Santa Ponsa, Portals, Bendinat, Costa D’en Blanes and Son Vida. And then within these areas we really focus on the cream. 

Picasso_blog_2_900400E&V: How do you work?

MF: We have clients who own properties and ask us to do the job for them. We have quite an international clientele, as you can imagine, mostly they are Swiss, German, or British. The other part is that we will invest in a property or location ourselves, develop it, and work until the spoon, knife and fork are in the drawer, and then look for the right buyer to acquire it.

E&V: Tell us about your team. When you look on your website you seem to have a big team

MF: (laughing): Yes! I am always shocked when I see the pictures of how we have grown! What I like is that it’s quite an international team, there is a strong German influence, but especially on the technical side we have Mallorcan, mainland Spanish, and Argentinian as well as European people. Every boss says this about his company I am sure, but I am very proud of ours, there is a good team spirit and atmosphere between everyone.

E&V: And what about your relationships with your customers?

MF: Our clients spend very special times in something that we have built for them, it’s very satisfying. We make strong and lasting relationships with these people.

E&V: So once you’ve built the house you don’t just hand over the keys and say “adios”?

MF: We know that as the owners live in the houses and experience them they get new ideas as well to perhaps develop their homes further so they come back to us and we arrange it for them.

Tresolivos_blog_2_collageE&V: How do you see the future of the property market in Mallorca?

MF: The beauty of our market is that we are in Europe. When I say that I mean that we depend on a lot of single economies. I don’t believe that we have growth like we may have had a few years ago when you could buy a plot and then it double in value in a couple of years. But I think Mallorca is an extremely solid market. We have the whole of Europe coming here purchasing things and that makes it very stable. That is the good news about the island. We have had some very strong British, and then German, years in the past and now it is a mix, and we have the Swiss coming in to invest. We have Austrians, Scandinavians, and Russians as well. This makes the island very attractive I think, you wouldn’t want it to be dominated by one nationality.

E&V: And what about the trends for the look of the property in Mallorca?

MF: Style wise, the use of the stone typical of the island will always be “Mallorca”.  Now we are experiencing a trend towards modern buildings, but that will of course change again in time. We like to include more natural elements and use things which are native to where we are: the olive trees, palm trees, the natural hammered stone on walls and floors. It is quite typical for us to bring natural elements into our construction and use warm tones. Of course if we have a client who wants to have everything white and silver then we build to their specifications. But we always make sure that the house sits in its location, it has to feel that it harmonises with its surrounding environment.

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