Architectural Highlights: Bungalow living style

Architectural Highlights: Bungalow living styleModern, practical, single-floored – life in a bungalow entails a plain structure and, above all, considerable advantages for its inhabitants. Straight lines, flowing rooms and wide glass fronts all characterise this modern form of housing. Would you like to find out more about the housing trend that appears to remain timeless through the years? Read on!

On the history

The pavilion of the Bauhaus architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, at the world exhibition in Barcelona in 1929 became an icon for this modern form of architecture.  The bungalow was an especially popular form of housing in Germany in the 60s. Based American role model houses which were constructed using timber, one story, one family houses originated which made a new form of living possible with a plain structure. Still, high-quality, representative types of bungalow architecture cannot just be found in Europe but also in the USA especially.

Creative leeway

Since all rooms are arranged side by side, there is a lot of leeway for the floor plan. Not infrequently, an L-shaped floor plan design is to be found: This lends a clear separation between living and working for example. Due to the wide expanse of the entire living space being on one floor, a large plot must correspondingly be chosen. Generosity is certainly a characteristic of high-quality bungalows: Opulent windows allow a lot of light into the room. Individual living spaces are only marginally separated from one another in some bungalows. Straight lines give the room structure while the interior and exterior enter into an open dialogue.  The concept of space arrangements also opens up many opportunities for interior decoration: A minimalist interior, for example, emphasises the transparency and openness of the rooms.   

Clear advantages

Above all, accessibility without floors is advantageous for older inhabitants or people with mobility disabilities. Even families with small children often prefer single-floored, ground-level architecture. “We benefit twice from living on one floor. Our children play through the entire house and garden and if grandpa, in his wheelchair, comes to visit, he also doesn’t have to limit himself”, according to an Engel & Völkers customer from Nordrhein Westfalen.

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