Once around the world please!

Executive in flight at sunsetWould you like to see the world, though admittedly as quickly as possible? He who wants to see a lot of countries, one after the other, as quickly as possible but without any stress would do well with a ‘sky cruise’. Sky cruises were conceptualised based on sea cruises and are taking up an increasingly potent proportion of the tourist market. The consumer is getting younger and younger – and demand is increasing.

The advantages speak for themselves: Sky cruises promise an exclusive luxury experience as well as relaxation and variety. Passengers are spared the exertion and organisation of typical journeys. Every need is catered for, whether it be baggage or check-in services, a personal travel specialist, route planning or a private chef or masseuse. There is no annoying search for a tourist guide or any confusion regarding foreign languages. There is even an on-board doctor available at all times who – if necessary – is on hand with help and advice for the guests. 

Above the clouds

Even before departure, the luxury begins for the travellers as their luggage is taken to the airport for them as they are brought by limousine to their luxury private jet. Now it’s time: To relax, open your eyes and embrace the world. On board, there are multi-media offerings and a private library, a travel specialist prepares for the next place of interest and informs passengers extensively of everything worth knowing about the region, the history and the culture of the respective country.

Country-hopping? No problem!

Sky cruises make the almost impossible, possible: Traversing entire continents in the blink of an eye without sacrificing relaxation. Time is ultimately a luxury and is usually pretty scarce. Therefore it is important to plan vacations efficiently. Want to see up to 5 countries in 18 days? The enticing offer is being taken up enthusiastically by increasingly younger target groups in particular. Travellers literally have the world at their feet. Operators like Hapag Lloyd, Windrose and Consul Weltreisen make this possible.

How much does the world cost?

The price for this exclusive delight is high: A 16 day journey to magical Asian locations is offered by Windrose for around 41,000 euros; Hapag Lloyd charges 34,000 euros for an 18 day long tour of South America. Naturally, only the best hotels are included in the plan and the catering on board is as high quality as it is on land. Seeing the entire world from above- would wouldn’t dream of that?

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