Artá offers excellent real estate!

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Artá and the varied landscape in the southeast of Mallorca fascinates you. Both Artá’s 25 km long coastline – with its untouched beaches – as well as the multi-faceted villas and houses are some things that you’ve loved instantly. This region of Mallorca is where you will buy a house. Most certainly.

With Mallorca you combine a pleasant climate, long walks on the beach, high quality real estate and Spanish delicacies. But what is it, that excited you so much about Artá? The variety! Here you can spend your free time according to your individual preferences. Whether culture, sport or education – in Artá you will find the right offers for varied leisure activities.

Terrace property in Artá surrounded by nature

Spacious property with a Mediterranean garden, Artá, Mallorca

How about a trip to the Regional Museum of Artá? The museum offers visitors exhibits on the following two topics: a scientific part and an archaeological section. Even if you only one subject interests you, a curious visit is worthwhile in any case.

If you’d like to do something outside of your villa or just explore another part of Mallorca in more detail, it makes to take a car ride to Palma. The cosmopolitan capital of the island is only about sixty kilometers from Artá. You are certain to take more than just a one day trip to this beautiful city – but one thing is certain: Artá is and remains the perfect location for you. Whether a stylish house or a modern villa – properties here meet your exact personal tastes and expectations of the environment.

Be happy to soon own a home here! You will learn a lot about the culture of Artá and will start feeling more and more at home here each day that passes by on the sunny island of Mallorca.

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