August Smart Lock – New level of safety.

The August Smart Lock provides intelligent, secure access to your home. Now you can control who can enter and who can’t—without the need for keys or codes. And you can do it all from your smartphone.

August’s encrypted locking technology is safer than keys that can get lost and codes that can be copied. You control when people have access to your home. For example you can issue a key that works 24/7 for a family member, or one that works a couple of hours a week only for your cleaning person. You can see a Log of who’s entered and exited—and exactly when they did—remotely from your phone. It doesn’t matter if your power, cable or Wi-Fi goes down. August uses 4 AA batteries that keep it running in any circumstance. When the batteries get low we’ll even send you reminders.


August is re-imagining how we interact with our homes. The August Smart Lock redefines home access with a safe, simple and social system that revolutionizes home entry.


August Smart Lock, Engel Völkers Tarragona

August Smart Lock, Engel Völkers Tarragona

August Smart 


How does the August Smart Lock work?

The August Smart Lock retrofits to your existing Single-Cylinder deadbolt, allowing you to send a virtual key to anyone you choose to have access to your home. Your guests then use their smartphone to gain access to your residence without the need to exchange physical keys. You can specify the duration that the August keys are active for before expiring, or disable them at any time. An August system consists of a small, easy-to-install smart lock device and a mobile app. With August you can still use your physical keys and manually unlock or lock your door from the inside.


What is August Connect?

August Connect is an accessory that seamlessly combines with the August Smart Lock to offer an intelligent, secure way to lock or unlock your door when you’re away from home.


How does August Connect work?

August Connect plugs into any power outlet near your August Smart Lock and uses your home’s WiFi and Internet connection to control your August Smart Lock. With August Connect, you can unlock or lock your door for guests, check your lock’s status and receive instant notifications from anywhere through the August app. To optimize August Connect’s always-on connection, one August Connect is needed for each August Smart Lock.


What if my phone is lost or stolen?

Unlike physical keys, August can be controlled virtually without the need to re-key your home deadbolt. In the event that your phone is lost or stolen you can log-on to and remove access authorization for that device.


What if my phone battery dies?

August will always be able to accommodate a traditional key. Alternatively, you can also use a friend or neighbor’s phone, download the app, log on with your password, open the door, and exit the app.

Is August safe?

Yes. August relies on the same secure communications technology used by financial institutions for online banking. This ensures that only invited guests have access to your properties, and that changes take effect immediately. With August, you can clearly define when and for how long visitors are authorized to open the lock. Unlike physical keys which can be duplicated and distributed without your knowledge, an August lock allows you to closely manage who has access to multiple properties, and to accurately track who has actually been there, when and for how long.


Where can I get more information?

To learn more about the August Smart Lock and August Connect, visit our Support Center.