A beautiful house in Santa Maria

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Every morning, as you sip on your coffee at the breakfast table, you dream of a very special home in Mallorca. Not just of any property, but of a chic villa near nature and of your new friends, who you all got to know spontaneously during one of your vacations in Mallorca in Santa Maria. You’re now making this idea a reality!

Santa Maria in Mallorca is your personal feel-good spot. Every time you get here, you have the feeling that the world is at yours.

Front view of a finca in Santa Maria in Mallorcan style

Spectacular finca with a large estate, Santa Maria, Mallorca 

Anything you need, you have here: Fresh fruits, breathtaking nature, cultural diversity and the sea. Of course, you could find these things in other parts of Mallorca, but it is precisely the village of Santa Maria, which you are so fascinated by. For example, there’s the Parish Church of Santa Maria here. The church is surrounded by a rock garden and helps you find your inner peace every time.

You can hardly believe it, but here at the church is precisely where you have met many of your friends and who you no longer want to miss. As you arrived on foot at the church location, you got to know a few locals here. You have been talking regularly ever since, whenever you visit the church. Your new friends would love to come visit you once you have chosen a cozy finca house according to your ideas.

That’s because, among other things, you owe it to your friends / acquaintances that you feel completely at home here. Your family is excited about the new friends and the new environment. It’s certain that you will the house of your dreams here in Mallorca soon – the rest will follow soon after in Santa Maria on its own.

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