Your brand new villa in Son Vida in Mallorca

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You have imagined it many times – the perfect villa in Mallorca. Modern, stylish and just for you! In your dreams, your villa has a spacious outdoor area in the Mediterranean style. The decor is just as gorgeous as the villa itself in its ultramodern simplicity. Actually, you thought that this villa exists only in your imagination. But that is not true – because the other day you have discovered it in our real estate portfolio – amidst the enchantingly beautiful Son Vida. From the hills near Palma, you can enjoy unique views of the old town and Palma’s bay.

Villa in Son Vida from bird's perspective

Classic villa with spectacular grounds, Son Vida, Mallorca

Now that you have found the perfect villa in Son Vida, enjoy every minute in your new property to the fullest.

In the immediate vicinity of your property stands one of your main visiting points – the golf course Arabella Golf Son Vida, which was opened in 1964 and the adjoining tennis courts. Playing golf is especially your thing, along with the breathtaking view out to the sea, which you can enjoy during the matches. The adjacent restaurant of the golf course – El Pato – is a place where you like to dine often times.

Since you’ve been living in your villa in Son Vida, you’ve discovered a few little things for yourself that enrich your everyday life. You eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables from the area and keep fit by swimming in your pool, playing golf and tennis. Sometimes you go out to the restaurant Es Castell in the evenings, and order freshly caught fish specialties. Later in the evening, when you are back in your villa, you feel relaxed and balanced. What can be better than this feeling?

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