A brilliant villa in Alcúdia in Mallorca

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Here in Mallorca in Alcúdia, you have an overwhelming selection of properties: whether a small house, a large villa or luxurious finca, here you will find anything that your heart desires.

Alcúdia is where you feel good! Here is where the house of your dreams is located. There were many real estate properties to choose from – from finca to villa, every house had its special advantages.

Ultimately, you have not only chosen your dream home, but also a fabulous environment: That’s because you value sustainability and diversity amongst all. Alcúdia combines these two characteristics perfectly: Here, not only the properties are exclusive, but also the nature.

Front View of a villa in Alcúdia

Exclusive villa in a prime location, Alcúdia, Mallorca 

Because here is where the residents actively take care of their environment. Alcúdia is known as an ecotourism community. In other words, the residents pay particular attention to environmental protection: waste separation, waste reduction or the use of organic food. This behavior impresses you and was among others one of the reasons why you bought your house in Alcúdia.

Between Alcúdia and Can Picafort is where a very special place is located for you: The L’Albufera Natural Reserve. Some trails are marked so that you can investigate and tour certain ways under natural aspects. The park is rich in a variety of bird species and provides an impressive diversity for bird lovers.

Another reason why you have picked your property here was that there are beautiful beaches here: Alcanada, Coll Baix, Sant Pere or Sa Marina d’Alcúdia.

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