Bronte, the city of Green Gold

Pistachios on a white background

In the north-west of Mount Etna is located the most popular city for pistachio production. Bronte is nestling between Mount Etna and NebrodiPark where its unique characteristics combine together to give it a special flavour. Natural elements combine together such as volcanic soil, ideal temperatures, and ancient techniques handed down through generations of pistachio cultivation from father to son!  Pistachios – known as the green gold of Bronte is the most popular product of this city. It has a refined taste, well known internationally for its sweetness, its delicate flavour and aroma. With more than three thousand hectares of dedicated pistachios crops, Bronte has no competitors anywhere in the world!


cibo al pistacchio


In October, there is a feast dedicated to this special nut; The Festival of the Pistachio. The pistachio is used in cooking in the preparation of sweets, in cheese filling, sometimes sprinkled on pasta or in ice cream, spreads or pesto. Recently, this has also been added to a pizza base! Don’t be surprised because any combination you try will delight! The city of Bronte is also famous for its churches including the Cathedral, St. Maria del Rosario, S. John, S. Vito and its monuments such as the Nelson’s Castle, originally known as the Abbey of St. Mary of Maniace. It was donated by King Ferdinand of Bourbon to Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson, 1st Duke of Bronte for the contribution given by the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic war. The rooms of the castle can be visited, still decorated with period furniture perfectly maintained. The gardens and courtyards and manicured grounds are inviting for a relaxing break, while eating some pistachios – of course.



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