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You’re a passionate golf player and you love the sea and sandy beaches more than anything! That’s how it’s been for as long as you can remember. Thankfully, you have now brought together all your favorites – that’s because now you are the new owner of a fabulous villa in the beautiful Canyamel in Mallorca! Initially it wasn’t that easy to find the perfect property, but since stumbling into us and our diverse real estate portfolio, you were able to make a quick find. From our wide selection of wonderful villas and houses in Mallorca, you have chosen a first-class villa in Canyamel. Congratulations on your purchase! You will be very happy in your property!

View of the sea from a villa in Canyamel

First class Villa at the sea front, Canyamel, Mallorca

Once you have played an extensive round of golf on the Canyamel Golf Course, which was created under the condition of minimal intrusion into Mallorca’s original and natural environment, you’re taking a short trip to the beach of Platja de Canyamel in your car. Here’s where you can relax thoroughly in the sun and take a relaxing bath in the waters.

For dinner, you will return to your new villa with your groceries. Today you’d like to organize a housewarming barbecue party for your friends. Your friends are blown away by your dream villa and most of them invite themselves over  for the next meeting and give you dates on which they will visit you in the near future on Mallorca.

Later that evening, you relax as you sit by the pool of your beautiful villa which you have decorated with colorful lanterns. The colorful lights are reflected in the water and your thoughts slide on the water surface. Canyamel is a wonderful place to live! You are happy that you have chosen Mallorca to be your property’s location. Nothing can top this moment of absolute happiness in your heart!

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