Canyamel – the perfect choice for your property!

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You would love a house in Canyamel in Mallorca because it suits you and your needs. The villas and houses here are excellent – just like the life that you will be starting here in the near future.

A new villa is like a new life – incredibly exciting and individualistic! This also fully applies to Canyamel. With your positive frame of mind, the overwhelming selection of properties and the support of your friends and family you have almost everything you need for your personal happiness.

Villa in Canyamel with a wonderful seaview

Exclusive villa in a prime location, Canyamel, Mallorca

But you want more and you will get more! Canyamel has made you more demanding. You want sun, sand and sea and that – everyday.

You discover Canyamel in a way that noone would be able to ever describe this place. This experience starts as soon as you swing your golf clubs on a beautiful golf course between almond trees and olive trees. You’re watching in excitement with your hand on your forehead blocking the sun, just to see where the ball would land after you hit targeting the horizon.

In these moments, time for you seems to stand still. You forget everything, the environment around you, the smell of distant orange trees is gone – your point of view is only focused on this ball and you wait curiously to see if you successfully hit your target.

The wonderful property and the golf courses in and around Canyamel are only a small part of your great life in Mallorca. There are plenty of other things for you to discover.

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