Career advice: working in your home office

It’s common to work from home when self-employed, but a growing number of employees are choosing to move back into their own four walls, at least temporarily, to work in a peaceful, productive environment. Are you thinking of working from home? Read our tips for working as successfully as possible in your home office.

 Career advice: working in your home office1. Get your morning off to the right start!

Working from home means foregoing the morning journey to work. That means it‘s up to you to jump-start your body with some exercise and an oxygen-kick. A short walk, a jog, or even moving to loud music can help bring your circulation up to full speed and give you an active start to your day.

2. Keep your composure

Don’t let yourself go. A sloppy appearance reflects itself in your working attitude. As tempting as they may be, leave your jogging bottoms in your drawer and dress as you would to go to the office. Dressing neatly works wonders for your working attitude and self-perception.

3. The to-do list!

There’s nothing like a polished plan and a well thought-out structure, because goals are most easily achieved when they’re broken down into clear, manageable steps. Keep the bigger picture in mind by noting down your most important tasks and working through them systematically. This keeps you motivated and helps you keep a good overview of your (most likely!) chaotic desk.

4. Keep it tidy

Speaking of chaos: don’t get lost in a pile of papers and folders. Stay on top of things here, too, because a tidy desk means a tidy mind. At the very least, being able to see everything on your desk spares you having to search for important documents, and helps you feel like you have everything under control.

5. Lunch time!

Keep to specific break times at home, too, and avoid eating lunch in front of your computer. Maybe meet colleagues or business partners for lunch and chat about work. Another great idea is to get all of your unpleasant work out of the way before 12pm. That way, you can start the afternoon with new enthusiasm and look forward to the exciting challenges it brings you!

6. Keep to deadlines

A to-do list isn’t just useful for your own desk, it also helps to keep deadlines set out in writing with your boss or colleagues. This is a great motivator and helps you keep upcoming tasks and projects in mind.

7. Create a good working environment

To get started at home, it’s important keep your work area separate from your private life. Your own office in a separate room is ideal. If you don’t have enough space, at least position your desk in an appealing way. If possible, put your desk next to a window, so that your working area is light and inviting. Like listening to music? There’s nothing wrong with a little music while you work, so long as it doesn’t affect your concentration.

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