Career News: Could you be an entrepreneur?

There’s plenty of romance in the idea of becoming an entrepreneur: The thrill of creative freedom, the empowerment of being your own boss and the potential financial gains are some tangible incentives. Building a business venture has become a dream for many independent spirits around the world – but how do you know if you’re able to take on the challenges? There are some qualities all successful entrepreneurs share. Follow this guide to see if you fit the profile.

Career News: Could you be an entrepreneur?Organisation

Being your own boss puts you firmly in the driving seat of your own career, but this will require well-honed organisational skills. Successful business ventures are all about seeing a project through to its conclusion on time and on budget, monitoring each step to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Is this something you can do? Like all skills, effective organisation can be learned and developed – it just takes practise and good mentoring. 


When you love what you do, work stops being work, which explains why so many entrepreneurs throw themselves into their businesses wholeheartedly and with an enviable amount of energy. If you’re considering becoming your own boss, a passion for your new sector, or even just a passion for business, will take you a very long way. Excitement is a great driver for success; you will need substantial reserves of enthusiasm to sustain you during those early-morning starts and late-night finishes. 


There will inevitably be times when things don’t go entirely to plan. At these moments, it’s crucial that you can rely on your own strong spirit and sense of commitment. It’s important to begin your venture feeling confident that you are resilient enough to weather any challenges, adapting your plans to conquer each new obstacle without losing faith. If a burst of adrenaline gives you that extra drive to succeed, than there’s every chance you’ll thrive as a business leader. 


An entrepreneur is someone who can motivate and direct a team with the aim of getting the best out of everyone, as well as picking team members who can give their absolute utmost to the business. If you’re looking to make the step towards becoming your own boss, you’ll need to be able to offer constructive feedback and clear direction, ensuring that everyone is working towards a common goal. This requires several skills, but the primary one is being confident in your own vision as a leader. If you believe in yourself, then the rest of the team can believe in you. 


It’s a well-known saying that a great idea is the foundation of any great business, and there’s a lot of truth in that. If you’re constantly brimming with imaginative solutions and inspiring ideas, then becoming an entrepreneur could be the perfect career move. Being your own boss means being in charge of the creative direction of a project, so you’ll have the freedom to try out the things you’re truly passionate about. 

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