The Castell de Sant Felip and the pirate Barbarossa

Home owners in Menorca are fortunate – that’s a fact!

We would like to explain to you why Menorca has been, for more than five centuries, one of the most desirable islands in the Mediterranean.

Almost undeterred by the demands of modern day society regarding land use, Menorca has been able to negotiate peacefully and profit more over the centuries in comparison to other places, whose development would have been setback. Why?

Lets head to the town of Es Castell, located on the islands eastern tip, the first town in Spain to see the sun rise in the morning and a town where more than half of it’s residences have spectacular sea views.

The history of Es Castell began to take shape after the attack on Menorca by the pirate Barbarossa in 1535. Menorca was also a favoured spot in the Mediterranean due to its geographical location and because of the Port of Mahon which alongside Pearl Harbour, Sydney and New York, is one of the largest natural harbours in the world and is the largest in Europe.

With the Turkish Empire passing through England, France, Spain etc, the Mediterranean during the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries was little more than a battlefield, with everyone wanting to take power of Menorca, focusing on the islands main defence – that which is now Es Castell.

Exceptional property in Mahon harbour – E&V Id. W-00BUP2

Exceptional property in Mahon harbour – E&V Id. W-00BUP2

Es Castell is named after the castle that was built to defend Menorca from those who tried to seize power. Now known as Castell de San Felip, it was within these castle walls that much of the islands history was forged.

Acts such as being attacked, besieged, conquered by the British Crown, then the French, reconquered by the British and finally by the Spanish Crown, have affected the character of the Menorcans in a beneficial way, making them very welcoming people.

The British influence is visible in the architecture, but being far from detrimental, it has given Menorca, including the city of Mahon and Es Castell, a unique beauty and attraction.

Exploring narrow streets and taking in the architecture, walking along the seashore and contemplating the villas with terraces that seem to brush the waters edge, or taking a bike ride through rural lanes passing a beautiful country home crowned by an ancient windmill, is nothing less than wonderful.

We invite you to stroll through Menorca and relive an exciting past steeped in history!

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