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Castell Miquel

In an exclusive Interview with Prof. Dr. Popp, german pharmacist and owner of the winery Castell Miquel on Mallorca, journalist Tom Gebhardt had the chance to learn more about the affinity of wine and medicine. During the interview, Prof. Dr. Popp describes the importance of Mallorca’s special climate and the location of his bodega in the mountains of Alaró and why he chose Mallorca as a second home. Discover Engel & Völkers’ broad selection of real estate on this beautiful island. The bodega may also be visited by small groups after giving a short notice and also includes a wine tasting afterwards. Read the first part of the interview below:


Prof. Dr. Popp, you are pharmacist and owner of a leading company for natural medicines. How does that fit your winery on Mallorca?

There is an affinity between natural medication and wine. With our scientifically researched, natural medicines, such as Sinupret®, we concentrate on identifying the treasures of nature, extracting them to effectively help patients in their recovery. Besides, wine can have healing powers, too. That was already known to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Today, studies prove that moderate wine consumption amongst other things lowers the risk of a heart attack and getting dementia in old age. Additionally, wine has a positive influence on the blood sugar metabolism and if consumed in moderation, helps prevent strokes. This is mostly due to the so-called secondary phytochemicals, which are produced by plants for their own protection, but can also be used by humans to help cure diseases. In the grapes, these active ingredients are located in the skin. One of those Polyphenols is the resveratrol. Therefore, wine is a medicinal plant and this is where the circle to our efforts closes. On one hand, curing illnesses with researched natural medicines, on the other hand, healthily enjoying what nature offers.


How much wine is still healthy?

This question is not easily answered and cannot be generalized. It all depends on the individual and how the consumption of alcohol affects the body. The recommendations for consumption with no implications to the physical health greatly vary in international studies. That being said, up to two glasses of red wine per day for a man and one for a woman can still be considered moderate and healthy.


If this short excerpt of the interview sparked your interest, you can read it in full length on the website of our cooperating partners from ib-wirtschaft.



Castell Miquel


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