Celebrate Carnival!

Celebrate Carnival! Alaaf! Narri Narro! In many countries and regions, Carnival is being celebrated once again this weekend. Originally, Carnival festivities involved the expulsion of evil winter spirits and the welcoming of Spring. Would you also like to celebrate the fifth season in disguise? In our overview, you will discover where to find masks, parades and Carnival balls. We hope you have a great time!

Ciao Bella: Venetian Masquerade Parade

The ‘Venetian Carnival’ was opened on 7 February with the traditional angel flight (Volo dell‘Angelo). Until this coming Tuesday, you can keep on marvelling at the masks, animal costumes and Hercules games which have made Carnival known the world over. The Venetian Carnival originated as early as the middle ages and continues to attract visitors from all over the world.

Nizza flower parade

The Carnival in Nizza is one of the most important in France. The annual parade is a colourful attraction on the famous Promenade des Anglais. The celebration enchants the beautiful Mediterranean city and you shouldn’t let yourself miss the famous flower parade. This year the parade is themed by the motto “King of Music”. Today marks the first day of the event on the wonderful Côte d’Azur and you will be able to participate in the numerous Carnival festivities around the Promenade until 1 March. Music and complicated decorated parade floats attract more than one million visitors to Nizza every year.

Hot samba rhythms at the Rio Carnival

The legendary Carnival in Rio also opened today. Few can party as exuberantly as the Brazilians when the school of samba performs to their best in the parade. The parade is considered the climax of the festivities. The party frenzy in Rio continues until 18 February. The Carnival is one of the largest celebrations in the world.

Carnival and Kölle Alaaf

Compared to Brazil, Carnival in Germany is somewhat more modest when the Rhenish revellers celebrate Carnival in the heartlands of Cologne, Dusseldorf and Mainz. Carnival is also celebrated in the South of Germany: Jesters and witches wearing traditional wooden masks trek through the city, symbolically expelling Winter with lots of noise and music.

Carnival of Basel

As the largest Carnival celebration in Switzerland, the Carnival of Basel begins on Ash Wednesday. It begins with ‘Morgestraich’ and is celebrated for exactly three days. The streets lights go out and costumed individuals move through the city playing drums and piccolos. 

When you’ve had enough of the Carnival festivities and the beauty of Venice, the heat of Nizza, the merriment of Cologne or the culture of Basel has convinced you to dream of a owning property locally, do not waver: Our Engel & Völkers shops will happily advise you further. Alaaf! Narri Narro! Forward march!  

Celebrate Carnival!

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