Celebrity Real Estate: Beckhams in a dispute with a neighbour?

Celebrity Real Estate: Beckhams in a dispute with a neighbour?Apparently, disputes among neighbours in London is nothing unusual at the moment. From house fronts being painted in red and white stripes for revenge to residents complaining about the construction of the Beckhams’ air conditioning: Anger is vented all over the place.

The famous couple had purchased the 31.5 million pound property, located in the Holland Park area of West London, in 2013. Right after purchasing the property, Victoria and her husband, David, planned extensive reconstruction works. As one neighbour is now reportedly worried about the appearance of the historic facade, he has been protesting at the top of his voice against the Beckhams’ current plans. According to The Telegraph, they have now received approval for the extension of the estate after the case was investigated by the council. Upon completion, the Beckhams are expecting a house with six bedrooms, a games room, a fitness studio, a cinema and a salon.

Quite recently, The Daily Mail reported a dispute among neighbours in Kensington which came to an unusual end. Since the residents didn’t want to get approval for their conversion plans, one British woman gave short shrift and provocatively painted her neighbour’s house in red and white stripes out of revenge for a lack of cooperation. Background: Since living space in London is so limited, an increasing number of so-called ‘ice berg houses’ are currently being constructed which are being extended downwards into the cellars. In the popular area of Kensington, extensions downwards are currently limited to just one floor.

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